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Python Web Development

Python is a widely used high-level, general-purpose, interpreted, dynamic programming language. Python design philosophy emphasize code readability, and the syntax allows programmers to express concepts in fewer LOC (Lines of code) than possible in other programing languages such as C++ or Java.

Benefits of Python

Clean and straightforward syntax. This is a major goal of the Python language. Programmers familiar with other language will find the familiar syntax and free from all the semicolons and braces.

Duck typing. If an object supports .HelloWorld, go ahead and call .HelloWorld on it without worrying about that object's specific type.

Huge standard library. Lovely thing about Python is that it ships with several XML parser, CSV & zip file readers and writers, libraries for using pretty much every internet protocol and data type, and many more.

Great support for web apps. Along with Ruby and JavaScript, Python is very popular in the web developers.

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